Architecture and Interior Design Office

Antonio and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the amazing job that you have done in helping us build our new office. Having you on site and available at all phases of the project was invaluable. Maintenance has also been responsive and efficient. Chris is very knowledgeable and quick to address any issue with great professionalism. “Moreover, your management team has created a family work atmosphere here at Brownstone, that allows and motivates us to keep a friendly environment with our neighbors.” Your personal involvement has made it easy to get to know and network with other Brownstone owners. Once again, thank you for everything you do at Brownstone Office Condominiums. Keep up the good work.

Antonio Rueda,
Principal, Cassandra Berry
Principal, ART Architecture & Interior Design, LLC

Chemical Company

We decided to buy instead of lease one year ago, it has been great for us, it did not generate any additional expense and “we enjoy our own quiet and wonderful office space without thinking if we will have same rent for next year or would we need to find another and move.”

Fernando J. Zavala
T.Z. Group Inc.

Law Firm

Our law firm has been a Brownstone Condominium owner for over a year now. We had been looking for an opportunity to own our own building but had limited options in availability and price in The Woodlands area. Although we enjoyed being previously located in The Woodlands Town Center, when our last lease came up for renewal, we decided that the benefits of owning far exceeded any benefit of leasing and we haven’t looked back since. “We still enjoy all of the benefits of being in The Woodlands but with far less cost and the added benefit of owning an appreciating asset.”

Teresa L. De Ford
Rathwell De Ford & Wallison

Financial Services Firm

I have been very pleased with the purchase of my Brownstone Office Condo. I operate a comprehensive financial, investment and tax planning firm, and my clients expect to come to a professional office. “I am pleased to say that buying my own office building has been a great enhancement to my business and with my client relationships.” Your customer service and follow up has been fantastic. I want to say thank you to Chris in construction and Heather in sales for being true professionals that I found I could depend on.

Daniel C. Goodwin
President, Goodwin Financial Group