Our Vision

Our vision is to provide today’s smart business owners with quality office ownership. The money a business owner will spend on leasing their office can be one of their largest operating costs. At Brownstone, we specialize in showing business owners how to spend less with fixed location costs, therefore increasing cash flow all while acquiring an asset for the business owner.

The Brownstone Office Condominiums, which range in size from 1,100 – 11,000 square feet, have currently closed on over 95,000 square feet. The offices and buildings can be customized to fit the buyers’ needs. With different floor plans available, all Brownstone Office Condominiums are energy efficient and adorned with rich interiors – wood floors, crown molding and granite countertops. Each building has the latest in technology, including state-of-the-art structured wiring systems for computer data, sound, TV and wireless. Each condominium building is wired with a private security system and features large private offices, reception areas, a large private conference room, kitchen/break room and a private bathrooms.

Since first opening in 2007, Phase I of Brownstone Office Condominiums buyers range from law firms to oil and gas and international businesses. There are some cost efficient advantages that come with ownership, including potential tax leverage, long-term appreciation, fixed operating costs and operational flexibility.

“We enjoy our own quiet and wonderful office space without thinking if we will have the same rent for next year or would we need to find another space and move,” said Fernando J. Zavala of TZ Group Inc.

“Business owners are really seeing the savings by owning their own office. The net cost is around $9 per square foot,” said Heather Carlile, Sales Director for Brownstone Office Condominiums. “We are so thrilled to see businesses come in and grow over the years. It really is a better way for most businesses to operate.”

“Many people find this is a better budget solution and the space works well for them,” said Carlile. “Interest rates for owner-occupied commercial real estate are at an all-time low making it a great time to buy.”